Guava Contains 4x More Vitamin C Than An Orange, And 10x More Vitamin A Than A Lemon

The Guava is an extremely healthy, vitamin-filled tropical fruit. The Guava fruits, with edible seeds and rind, are round, oval or pear-shaped. So they also can be white, pink, yellow and even red in different varieties.

For centuries, these incredible fruits have also been known for even their own sweet and tangy flavour, and they can be used in many various ways and are even deemed “magical” because of the variety of vitamins and nutrients.

This fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C, Contains ten times more vitamin A than one lemon and four times more vitamin C than a normal orange. Also, the high content of vitamin C completely destroys free radicals and avoids oxidation, reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer.

In addition, this fruit is indeed rich in magnesium, potassium, folate, iron, B2 and E vitamins, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus and contains nearly 70 times more fiber compared to a normal-size orange.

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“100 grams of guava fruit, according to Dr. Axe, contains the following:

  • Vitamin A 624.00 IU 12 %
  • Vitamin B 6 0.110 mg6 %
  • Vitamin C 228.3 mg 380 %
  • Vitamin E 0.73 mg 2 %
  • Vitamin K 2.6 mcg 3 %
  • Vitamin K 2.6 mcg 3 %
  • Iron, Fe 0.26 mg 1 %
  • Magnesium, Mg 22.00 mg 6 %
  • Manganese, Mn 0.150 mg 8 %
  • Phosphorus, P 40.00 mg 4 %
  • Potassium, K 417.00 mg 9 %
  • Protein 2.55 g 5 %

Some of its health benefits are:

The immune system: Vitamin C combats pathogens, also strengthens the immune system and protects cells against damage.

Vitamin C helps absorb vitamin E and therefore reduces cholesterol (LDL) and actually increases cholesterol (good HDL).

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Also, the high content of vitamin C helps to absorb iron in the blood, thereby preventing the onset of anemia.

It helps in digestion, and can prevent digestive infections such as diarrhea.

This fruit improves the health of the heart because it contains a large amount of potassium.

It prevents premature aging and skin damage, and also with the help of vitamins C and A increases the elasticity of the skin.

Guava improves eye health and prevents the onset of cataracts.

The Calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus contained in Guava contribute to better bone health.

Eat regularly Guava to use these natural benefits.


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